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TTPO Projects and Highlights
During quarterly meeting and gatherings, the TTPO encourages presentations and information sharing for transportation related projects, changing regulations, and funding opportunities.  Below is a list of current projects and highlights.
John P. Smith Act - This could have a HUGE impact on the TTP!!
The Tribal Transportation Unity Caucus met on January 17-18, 2018 to provide an in depth understanding of the potential John P. Smith Act. This Act is being headed by Tribal Transportation Leaders as an effort to present a UNIFIED TRIBAL TRANSPORTATION directive to the US Congress for incorporation into a potential infrastructure investment act that may be coming out of the Trump administration and Congress. (Interestingly, just weeks prior to this meeting, many Tribes received the random “call for shovel-ready projects” from their BIA and FHWA tribal reps.) This Act is meant to be the Tribal Set Aside in what is rumored to maybe be a 10-year infrastructure bill passed in 2018 and likely starting in 2019 above and beyond the current high bill (the FAST Act) and Tribal Transportation Program. Depending on Tribes, this effort will either take shape as part of an “infrastructure bill” similar to the ARRA and R/R projects of 2011-2013 (all in addition to the TTP and FAST ACT current funding levels) or all of this may just lead to incorporation of this Act into the next highway bill after 2020 when the FAST Act Expires, if Trump and Congress are not successful in passing something. 

Tribal members with any interest in Transportation, Planning and Finance should become familiar with this potential new funding source! If things go very well with the Tribal effort through Congress, the TTP program will more than double in funding levels and we may see the rebirth of a few older programs like the High Priority Projects and a separate bridge program among others. This could be very big for the Tribes heading into the next decade!​
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Date:  September 3, 2019
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Host:  Swinomish  Indian 
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Swinomish Casino & Lodge
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